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Eye doctor in Califon

Califon optometrist
Califon optometrist

It is very important that you and members of your family are able to have comprehensive eye exams on a regularly scheduled basis. This way your eyes will be screened for many different eye diseases and disorders. Since eye diseases can have few or no noticeable symptoms in the early stages, it is very important that you have periodic eye exams to make sure that your eyes are disease-free. When it comes to protecting your good eye health, it is very important that you have any potential vision problems diagnosed as early as possible. This is because eye diseases are generally most easy to treat in the early stages, before any permanent vision damage has occurred. If you would like to see our Califon optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam, or contact lens and fitting, you can relax knowing that your vision care is in the very best hands.

Just one of our top notch optometrists is Dr. Lisa Ruffle. At our vision practice, our Califon optometrist will not only be able to provide you with comprehensive eye exams, but also with contact lens exams and fittings, as well as with other vision services. Our eye doctor also offers pediatric eye exams. It is very important that young children also have their vision checked to make sure that they are not developing any vision problems which need care. Pediatric vision problems can interfere with your child’s learning at school or even with social interactions. If you have glaucoma, our Califon optometrist will be able to participate in your glaucoma evaluation and treatment as well as with your cataract evaluation and management. If you are suffering with macular degeneration, our optometrist will also be able to help manage this disease as well. Other diseases which our optometrist can help manage are macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and dry eye.

Many patients come to see our eye doctor because they need to have a comprehensive eye exam or a contact lens exam and fitting. During both of these eye exams our Califon optometrist will screen your eyes for a wide range of eye diseases and disorders. Among the eye problems that your eyes will be screened for are: glaucoma; cataracts; diabetic retinopathy; macular degeneration; dry eyes; retinal tears; and other problems of the cornea, macula, and retina. During our eye exam, your eyes will also be tested for their visual acuity. If it is determined that you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, an eyeglass or contact lens prescription will be written for you. If you would like an appointment to meet with our eye doctor in our office, Califon Eye Associates, contact us today.

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