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Eye Doctor in Califon

Califon Optometrist
Califon Optometrist

Thanks to a commitment to optimal vision and eye health, and the help of advanced equipment, our Sparta optometrist is able to offer a variety of eye care services to our patient, both young and old. All patients, adults and children, should have a yearly eye exam here at Califon Eye Associates. Perhaps you have never needed eyeglasses or contacts before, but this could be the best time to begin enjoying clearer and sharper eyesight with them. However, if you do have a prescription for corrective lenses, you might be in need of an update for them. Your vision needs are always evolving. And for your child, we will ensure that she or he can see his or her best to promote better learning skills and an easier time reading, playing, watching TV, and many other activities.

Our Califon optometrist is also dedicated to shielding you from the most severe effects of common eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. With state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, problems can be detected earlier than every before, and treatments are more precise and effective as a  result. It’s important to know that the diseases mentioned form and progress silently, with no obvious symptoms until they have reached an advanced stage. When warning signs do appear, they typically bring with them some degree of vision loss or eye damage, either of which can be stopped but the impact not reversed in many cases. That’s a risk you don’t need to take, and being screened regularly will limit or eliminate that risk entirely.

Eye emergencies can be frightening, but you can count on our Califon optometrist to be here when you are in need. When due to an accident or an injury, it is vital that your situation be addressed with a sense of urgency, so call us even if it’s not during regular business hours. We will return your call promptly.

Our Califon optometrist is also available for evaluating and managing dry eyes, for computer vision syndrome, sports vision, and vision therapy. And with contact lens exams and fittings, you can get all the benefits of wearing contacts with minimal concern about eye irritation, discomfort, and infections.

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