Califon emergency eye care

Califon Emergency Eye Care

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Emergency eye care in Califon

Califon emergency eye care
Califon emergency eye care

What is an eye emergency? There are no set rules on what qualifies, though we certainly will name some common examples. Essentially, when you have any pain, vision problems, or other problems with your eyes that of an urgent nature, you should not hesitate to reach out to us here at Califon Eye Associates. We’re here to help with expert care.

Any time that one or both of your eyes has suffered impact or other trauma due to an accident, injury, or physical alteration, you should get prompt attention. What starts out as something simple to remedy can easily turn into a more complex matter, and you could end up suffering permanent damage or loss of vision. Our Califon emergency eye care cannot guarantee outcomes in advance, of course, but our goal is to give you every opportunity for optimal results. Some other typical urgent concerns include eye discharge, sudden vision loss, the appearance of spots in your field of vision (floaters), red eyes, corneal ulcers, a lump inside your eyelid, or a foreign object that has become lodged in your eye. If you judge your situation to be life threatening or you have other injuries outside of your eyes that take precedence, then it makes sense to go to the nearest hospital ER or to call 911. For all other matters, count on our Califon emergency eye care. Try to alert us to your impending arrival with a phone call. You can have someone else do so for you if that is easier. The highest priority is to conduct a prompt examination along with any necessary testing so that treatment can be administered right away.

Our Califon emergency eye care is ready for you, so don’t hesitate or put off any urgent circumstances that can threaten your eye health, either now or in the long term. Contact us immediately.

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