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Califon Contact Lenses

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Contact lens exams in Califon

It seems that nearly everyone is wearing contact lenses these days instead of or as an alternate with eyeglasses. While once limited to use by people with simple refractory adjustments modern contact lens technology can now accommodate those patients who need more sophisticated vision corrections such as for astigmatism or bi- and multi-focal corrections. With the greater availability of Califon contact lenses and the more complex the vision correction they give comes a greater reliance on thorough contact lens exams.

Our doctors at Califon Eye Associates have the training, experience and latest equipment to offer comprehensive contact lens exams. The exam process starts with a conversation where you and our doctor discuss your eye and vision health, your overall health, family history, any concerns you may have as well as your lifestyle so we can be sure that every issue is addressed and the best options are presented to you. The exam itself for Califon contact lenses is really a two-step process that is done together. The first step is a comprehensive eye exam where our doctor will perform a dilated exam with refraction, a slit lamp test and measure your intraocular pressure and exam the retina as well as look for any abnormalities in the structure and functioning of your eyes. This examination will measure your visual acuity and pinpoint any corrections you may need in terms of eyeglass lenses. It will also aim to detect and diagnose any current or developing eye diseases at an early stage before they do serious damage to your vision.

In addition to the standard comprehensive examination our doctor will also exam your eyes in terms of fitting contact lenses. Califon contact lenses exam include our doctor measuring the curve of your cornea and taking measurements of the iris, and testing you for Dry Eye. These tests are to ensure that the contact lenses are a proper fit to your particular eye, making them more comfortable to wear, which leads to more use by the patient. When it comes to fitting contact lenses our practice’s goal is to make sure that they improve your visual acuity and make you as comfortable in them as possible. If you are interested in contact lenses see our doctor for a comprehensive examination of your eyes and we’ll provide you with the best fit and lenses for your eyes.

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